Review: 2000 Ad Prog 1927


An excellent cover of fan favorite Johnny Alpha!

Part four of the Judge Dredd story Enceladus kicks off this issue with the first panel of the Klegg – “I do enjoy cold meat”….-yes things have got desperate for the convict Judges as they try to get themselves out of the mess they are in! Some leave, some stay, but you know this isn’t going to end well for Nixon and her crew and the last panel rounds that up nicely!

Keeping with the Mega Cities is Orlok – in Oz – looking to ‘rescue’ artist Rasputin! There’s also the East Meg 2 agent to deal with….
This continues to be a fun cold-war style story, full of battles, betrayals and more!

The second book of Slaine: The Brutania Chronicles continues with the brainwashed Sinead – then Slaine has mental troubles with Gododin intruding in on his thoughts. Harking back to Slaine’s childhood and upbrining it all looks dire!

The new Grey Area starts a new arc with Locked In in this issue. The ‘natives’ are getting restless with a look at this new Grey Area and the oncoming god-star! It’s all quite dark and dank, but there’s a new scene and way to see this cast in a new situation!

Strontium Dog continues in The Stix Fix with Johnny dealing with the NKD problem in a way that only he knows. After that we get to the western style roots with Alpha going out to meet the Stix ‘family’ which doesn’t end well…..

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