Review: Big Punch Magazine #1

From the creators of Afterlife Inc. and 7STRING comes Big Punch Magazine, a quarterly magazine serialising four brand new series from the Big Punch Multiverse.

Issue 1 of BPM hits hard, introducing us to the worlds of Cuckoos, Orb, 99 Swords and The Wall with a punch to the face of concentrated awesome! A mysterious stone ship appears above an alternate New York; skilled catchers make gravity-defying leaps across the walled city of Prizm; a talking sword falls into the hands of Elsie Blackwood; and somewhere in the Extraverse, the crew of the Reflektor sail through stories not of their making.

Also featuring the triumphant return of Cat & Meringue!

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From friend of 3 Million Years, Jon Lock, and others we get a new comics magazine series which is available digitally and in print!

Issue #1 features five new stories from different creative teams – and in the way that the best of these anthology magazines work, they are all different, so the circus metaphor comes in (if you don’t like the clowns, then you may like the trapeze!)

What is the Extraverse? Join the intrepid crew of the Reflektor, a multiversal vessel, as they navigate the lonely corridors between worlds: desperately seeking a place to call home and staying one step ahead of the boundless horror in their wake. But when all existence hangs in the balance, where is there left to run to?

Kicking off this initial issue is Cuckoos, which sets the tone rather nicely. Combining some excellent Sci-Fi elements along with adventure and a dose of humour. The art is bright and also fitting with the tone of the magazine.
In this initial story we get a good look at the crew and their tasks on board. There is scope for conflict in the future and we know why they’re out there!

In the early days of the 20th Century, mankind made contact with a higher dimensional being, forever changing the course of human history. But years later, in the aftermath of Second Contact, our gods have abandoned us, leaving our fate in the hands of a young girl, an aging prophet… and a floating stone warship from beyond the veil.

From some space Sci-Fi, to something a little more…mystical…Orb give us something a little more distopian with higher dimensional beings, prophets and mankind in in a mess! The art suits this story with something a little more shadow-y!

Years ago, a legendary swordsmith forged 99 swords of great power, transforming his world with their magic. Legend holds that whoever gathers all 99 will gain access to the mythical, 100th sword and ultimate power… a challenge that novice Swordhunter Elsie Blackwood is eager to accept. Read 99 Swords Issue 0 for free!

Continuing the mystical, we get the 99 Swords, which looks to be a fun barbarian romp while looking for the 99 Swords! I really like the set up for this – equal measures of humour and set up to go with the action promised (check out the free issue #0, above) The art is nicely cartoony too!

In the walled city of Prizm, crystals fall from the sky like rain. Acrobatic teams of catchers make a living defending their home with dazzling feats of agility, catching and selling the strange gems to maintain the city’s technology. But no-one has ever ventured beyond the wall and survived… and Cyanne is desperate to discover what lies there.

Creating a new world can be hard, but in The Wall you get a world within a world. Within the world is a city, and out side is…..who knows!
The mystery in this will make this an interesting read as Cyanne seems determined to find out what there is out there and find her brother! I’m looking forward to more of this one!

Back from their famous daily webcomic and 1000 Days of Adventure, the crazy feline and sarcastic pudding embark on a new journey, filled with hilarity and ridiculousness, in their twin-hulled boat. Now in colour!

Dotted between the stories are Cat And Meringue, giving some quick humour to proceedings!


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