Reviews: Saga, Rat Queens & Five Ghosts

Reviews of some of the digital comics from Image Comics!


Saga #27 give us a flashback in a unique way – via the drug addled stupor Marko finds himself in! It’s a level of redemption for the character who has lost his way briefly. We get a good look at his upbringing and his background. Dotted between this we get some nice touches of humour with Prince Robot and how he wants to deal with things. This series has its ups and downs, but we are on track and things are fitting together nicely!


Rat Queens #10 comes to the end of the arc, giving us certain degrees of violence, humour, romance and more violence! The art change hasn’t suffered, and there is still a lot of character building here. This sass and sorcery series is going places!

DIG055921_2 Five Ghosts #16 gives the impression of coming to the end of an arc, but the final page puts an end to that! This series keeps to its pulp roots well, mixing the horror, suspense and action in equal measures! The addition of Fabians’ skills work well and when he masters them, it works well.

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