Aces Weekly – Volume Sixteen Out May 4th


The digital comics anthology has released a preview of it’s latest volume!



This Volume 16 of Aces Weekly is dedicated to the memory of the great comic creator, Herb Trimpe, who passed away recently.
We were privileged to have him contribute to two of our volumes. Over the seven weeks of this Volume 16, we’ll be featuring tributes to him from many of his fellow Aces.


And this volume… After leaving us in suspense in Volume 12, Chris Mole and Neil McClements come back with another episode of the extraordinary and spectacular, Hadopelagic…


Jorge Mongiovi continues his story of the young, aspiring space pilot who’s earned his wings in the most tragic of circumstances, in Requiem…


You can take a break from the action with a nice cup of tea in the company of Emma Chinnery and her evocative and charming depiction of village life, which might just be as simple as it seems, though possibly isn’t, in Granny State…


Then we’re back in a harsher landscape with Philip Vaughan and Rossi Gifford’s story of a world of the future where tyranny is fought by fast-moving rebels in Bantah Six…



Those crazy monster-hunters Wier and Oddfellow, from Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid are back in a bonus-length tale of tauntingly-terrible punning in The Mystery Of The Malodorous Mummy Of The Manchester Museum…


And there’s lots of magic fun from the magical universe created by the terrific Jok and Santullo in further tales from Dungeons And Burglars…


Plus, Esteban Hernandez gives us spider and fly buddies (?) in Bugs , Ryan Taylor is Gracing us once more with some imaginary friends, and David Leach will be in the company of his
Psycho Gran… and maybe, just maybe, there could be another skirmish with Lew Stringer and Combat Colin…

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