Review: The Little Mermaid #4

Will a betrayal from within be enough to wrest Erica from the clutches of Hibocorp? Will Ursula be successful in convincing the King of Atlantis that only she holds the key to the survival of his only child?  Will Erica lose her family before she has the opportunity to even learn of their existence?



As we reach the final stages of this mini-series there seems to be a lot to sort out, will Erica escape?, what will the King do? what does the Sea Witch want? Well two of these questions are answered in this issue and one is hinted at….
We discover why there are so many tests and samples being taken from the captive Mermaid, and who is in charge. Erica has help from the outside, but she seems to have learnt something from others about trusting people!
Something the King needs to learn….

Meanwhile under the sea, the King gets a lesson on royal protocol and what giving his blessing entails!

This is an excellent mini series and I am very interested in seeing how the series ends as there is a lot to wrap up!


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