Review: Trees, Mercury Heat, Doctor Who & Lumberjanes

Thoughts on this weeks comics from Avatar Press, Boom Studios Titan Comics & Image Comics

Trees #9

Beginning the second TREES story, “Two Forests.” The Orkney Tree, set among the standing stones of that remote island, seems almost like it was always meant to be there. But, following the events in Svalbard, it could be nothing but a vast unexploded bomb. Across the Atlantic, there is a new mayor in New York City, who grew up under the shadow of the Manhattan Tree. And he might be the bigger threat.


The second arc of this excellent series kicks off mainly in the UK, with a number of flashbacks to the previous arc. There is a lot going on and the UK government want to make sure there isn’t a ‘bomb’ on their coast. There is some interesting set up here, and it will be interesting to see where this goes. The final pages deal with New York – where the new Mayor seems to have plans!

Mercury Heat: FCBD Edition

Kieron Gillen blasts into Free Comic Book Day with an exclusive preview introduction to his all-new sci-fi series, Mercury Heat! Over the last few years, Gillen’s work has gained a massive following from titles like Uber, The Wicked and the Divine, and Iron Man. Now Gillen takes you to Mercury, a slow turning planet where you can outrun the sunrise. Along with the blistering heat it brings. This is the new frontier of space, where humanity’s insatiable need for energy is being fueled by Mercury. It’s a tough environment and it attracts a rough crowd. So Luiza is bringing her own heat as a cop on Mercury, since she’s just a bit too intense to be one on Earth. This special issue features the first chapter of this ongoing saga, a special introduction to the World of Mercury Heat, and a look at the ships, designs, and making of this epic. The future is here with this primer and first chapter of 2015’s biggest sci-fi title!



This is an excellent primer, not only giving us a fun short introductory story, but also a whole bevvy of information about this new world and the tech that goes with it. This looks to be some fun Sci-Fi and there characters involved work well in this new world. I’m going to be reading this new series and this is an excellent way to get in on the ground floor!

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #12

A thrilling TARDIS chase through the atmosphere – after no ordinary comet! Tracking the Entity’s signal from the Berlin Wall in 1976 to Rome, 312AD, the Doctor, Alice, Jones and ARC stumble into an ancient mystery that will forever change the course of human history! And the burden and dangers of a life aboard the TARDIS start to hit home for Jones – is this his farewell tour? Rob Williams (Ordinary) and Warren Pleece blast into a brand-new story arc! Don’t miss the shocking reveal of what’s inside the comet!




A new arc with links to the overreaching story for this Doctor starts off with a race along the Berlin Wall in the 70’s and things don’t slow down from there! We get space and then the further past – although not as far back as Jones thinks it is…. Then we get a big reveal on the last page, and suddenly things don’t look so good for the Doctor!

Lumberjanes #14

When a freak snow storm hits the camp, Jen gets lost! It’s up to Rosie and the girls to find their Roanoke cabin leader. As they search, Jen comes across the path of a mysterious taxidermist who rides a moose. What the junk is she up to?


This continues to be a fun read, with a large amount of humour and monsters in this excellent setting. We find out more about the Lumberjanes and the group within them. This is a fast moving issue with wolves, a giant moose and a former Lumberjane!

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