Reviews: Daredevil, Moon Knight, Nova, Princess Leia & S.H.I.E.L.D.

Short reviews of this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics

Daredevil #15


Everything starts to come undone for Daredevil – he was so happy, so carefree, but now it’s all going wrong! This is where it all starts to go down the drain for Matt – all his plans, all his schemes, it’s all dropped out. It’s an interesting reflection on the big brother we live with today. It’s made the Owl relevent, and reintroduced….well….I’m not going to spoil the last page!

Moon Knight #14



Chucking in some nice horror aspects and a werewolf by night gag, this was a brilliant quick Moon Knight read. The fact that gods can call in favors is a nice aspect as Moon Knight tracks down the wolves who are attacking people in the city!
This was a dark issue, with a suitably grim ending. If you want something different, then check this out!

Nova #30


After the Black Vortex issues, we get back to the job in hand as Sam searches out his father (in the summer holidays!) we get the reunion, but then things get in the way. It’s nicely paced with Sam showing the hero he can be, making the tough decisions and working hard. It also drags on the reunion with Sam and his father on a little longer!

Princess Leia #3

DIG056320_3 After a slowish start, Princess Leia starts to get all the player on the board. I’m really loving the art and enjoying the story more now that people are becoming more established. This was an issue full of action and Leia being a princess (when it suits her) the threat of the Empire is still there and will come to a head!

S.H.I.E.L.D. #5



Combining some of the aspects from the previous so called “one-shot” stories, we get an excellent beginning to a two-part story combining the magic and mystics of the Marvel Universe with the tech and spys of S.H.I.E.L.D. – we also get a view of who is responsible for all this on the final page! (No, I’m not saying!)
This issue jumps around well, and brings a brilliant cliffhanger to the end to be concluded next issue!

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