Reviews: Garbage Pail Kids, TMNT & Judge Dredd

Some reviews of what I read from IDW Publishing!


The Garbage Pail Kids return in a selection of short stories, kicking off with a grim and funny Red Sonja type quest – killing all in her path for her quest!
Next up is The Nerd Warrior, with art just like the old cards in a painted style. Fart and puke jokes make up this Conan style story, with a good ending!
Next us Potty Scotty, The Witch and the Toilet Bowl – in a more traditional Garbage Pail Kids story – well, it starts that way!
Here be loves starts out as a ‘traditional’ fairy tale, but then adds in some nice GPK action!
Finally a dark tale with Wood Wish, and a suitable Grimm ending!


A new story arc starts in Judge Dredd – Crowd Control – with an explosive start! Taking in all the issues with the Dark Judges, Judge Cal and now a revolution by the citizens and a group calling themselves G.O.D., Dredd and Anderson have a lot on their hands. It looks like this is a 2-parter, and works well!



After last issues punch to the heart, where do we go from there?
Well of course there’s the fallout from the big battle, Donatello, the other turtles and Fugitoid make their plans, while Splinter walks a different path. Meanwhile a different type of fallout is happening for the Foot Clan and The Purple Dragons. There’s a new status quo here, and it’s going to be an interesting read!




This issue completes a two part story with the TMNT battling Baxter Stockman & Spider Bytes, its a fun story which you can still jump right into! Next is a game of Tag for the Turtles, with some nice first person viewpoints!

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