Review: REACH #1

Hands of Red
A band of disgruntled knights are hired to steal from the King. The heist runs the gamut of death, destruction, and desire, with a return on treasures of unknown power. But betrayal brings distrust, and loyalty is stretched to the limit in this exciting tale of skill, greed, and thievery.



Part one of a three issue story which covers different era’s and has a common theme. This issue features a time of Knights and an attack on the King (Richard) there is a theft here and a fair amount of violence too. You get a good connection with many of the characters, which makes the ending all the more bitter sweet. I really enjoyed the art, I wasn’t expecting the more cartoony style from the cover (what do they say about judging books?) but both the external and interior art were excellent! There was some excellent dialog here too, so check it out!

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