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Grimm Fairy Tales 10th Anniversary One Shot – Death #1

“The fourth of six special 2015 Zenescope 10th Anniversary One-Shots is here. Keres has been wreaking havoc as humanity’s “”Angel of Death”” – killing whomever she deems fit on a whim. But now, Keres must face the judge, the Grim Reaper himself, as she’s summoned for a Trial of the Dead and must plead her case to her peers.”


I’m really enjoying these one-shots from Zenescope and this one was a good one. Featuring the Death of our world, but also guest starring the Deaths from the other realms. Death lives some lives as punishment for her actions in punishing the guilty. It’s quiet a moving story as she lives the lives and dies as they should. I expect her reactions would be the same as our, so that makes it quite close to the knuckle. The art continues to be excellent – as the standard as Zenescope have!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Coven #3

Baba Yaga has walked right into the Knight’s trap. If she wants Avril to live, she must lead the Crusaders back to her former coven? An epic battle centuries in the making ensues between the Crusaders and Liza’s coven, with Baba Yaga, Avril and Dartanian stuck in the middle. Meanwhile, the history of The Wizard is revealed and an unlikely partnership is forged.


I’m beginning to loose track on the betrayals in this series – and it’s only #3! This has been an interesting series, and I’ve especially enjoyed the flashbacks. It does look like it has some legs as we learn more about the witches and the Crusaders!

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