Review: Barb Wire #4

Wyvern Stormblüd is on a murderous rampage, and Barb Wire is the focus of the drunken disaster’s fury. Barb’s lost the one weapon capable of dropping the besotted behemoth, and if it can’t be found among the wreckage of a shuttered steel mill, she’ll be laid off for good!


This issue brings this initial arc of the new series to a close and gives us a bit of a new status quo to Barb Wire and the bar! There is the traditional humour we’ve come to expect from Barb Wire and a nice piece of action. I felt a little sad for Wyvern at the end, and I hope we see more of him as he’s an entertaining character who brings some chaos! There are also seeds for a future, long running storyline, so I would like to see how that pans out!


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