Reviews: Wonderland & Grimm Tales Of Terror

Reviews of Wonderland #40 and Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 2 #1

Wonderland #40

All is not well for Calie Liddle. Dragons destroy villages in Wonderland, the Ace of Spades forwards his plots, and Violet Liddle’s struggle for sanity continues. Leaving Wonderland in the hands of those she’s come to trust, Calie must return to Earth and save her daughter from herself before time runs out.


Things are not looking good. Not only has Calie discovered what has happened to her daughter while at Arcane Acre, but there are minions of the Ace of Spades running amok in Wonderland! I must say, I’m really looking forward to the Red Rabbit getting what he deserves – he really gets to me! The build up to the attack on Calie looks to have ended and we’re going to get to the attack – but she’s distracted by the issues Violet is having. It looks as if the Mad Hatters influence is too much and she wants to end it….

Grimm Tales of Terror Vol. 2 #1

Zenescope’s newest hit horror series returns with issue #1 of 13 brand new twisted and terrifying issues! The story of Jekyll & Hyde has been retold in many different ways? But Zenescope puts a new twist on an age-old tale about a man with two different sides. When an awkward teen finds a serum that transforms him into the high school jock, will he find what he’s looking for or will he learn first-hand the danger of trying to become a different person?


A new volume of Grimm Tales of Terror kicks off with a really good Jekyll and Hyde story set in the modern age. This is difficult to talk about without spoiling it, but the twist in the tale is really good and I was enthralled from the get go. Check this out!

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