Reviews: Grimm Tales of Terror & Robyn Hood

Reviews of two of the latest digital comics from Zenescope!

Robyn Hood #16

Until now, Robyn Hood has been the bane of Officer Julia Gengrich.


Robyn Hood starts her battle against The Cabal – or they start against her! Robyn finally sees the size of the battle against her, but it looks like she has help – Office Gengrich for one, as she finally realises that Robyn is one of the good guys! The ending gives us a nice hook for the battle to come!

Grimm Tales of Terror Volume 2 #2

The classic Poe story, THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO, gets the Zenescope remake in this terrifying mummy tale. When an archaeologist betrays a colleague, he may come to regret his ill-advised decision.


This is a classic mummy tale with some brilliant twists and turns until the final page. I’ve always enjoyed some Mummy stories and this is a good one – another one-shot with some nice aspects to it – especially the explanation about how the mummy came to be!

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