Fund Me Friday: World of Esras, Griff Gristle: Here Be Monsters & Paper Triangle


Here are some of the latest Kickstarter projects with digital comic reward tiers

World of Esras

by Azzedar

It is currently a time of peace in Esras, but not everything is as tranquil as it first looks. In the capital city of Gaia, more and more frays appear in the slums and alleyways. Although not everyone can agree on everything, one thing they can all agree upon are the problems present.

Our protagonist, Azzedar, is aware of this; as one of the commanders of Gaia’s castle, he knows of much danger in his life. When he set out for a neighboring country, he hadn’t expected that stray words would result in rumors about his secret mission. Soon many people are interested in him. Treasure hunters, bandits, swindlers, to say the least. Just what kind of mission was entrusted to him? Something so secret that not even his companion, Miza, could know about it.

Questions begin to arise regarding their journey. Would they be able to reach their destination safely, or were there those that would give them struggles? Would they be able to count on the help of others if things proved too difficult? Would things get so bad they would have to abandon their goal? And as if there weren’t enough concerns on their mind, does a strange soul from their past follow in their shadows? Azzedar soon realizes that not only would they have to face these problems, but even his own inner demons.

Digital Reward?
For €2 You’ll get a PDF copy of the colored version of Chronicle of Azzedar the Dragon Hunter. It’s a short, funny comic featuring the main character of Esras. You’ll also get a digital wallpaper featuring the main characters.

Griff Gristle: Here Be Monsters

by Robin Jones

From the duo of Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook (aka Sambrones or the Fabulous Sambronie Brothers) writers of Madius Comics’ Papercuts and Inkstains #01 – 4 (“A breath of fresh air from British Comics” – Starburst Magazine), Ramlock Investigates and the Ghastly Award nominated Tragic Tales of Horrere, Cornish based artist Rory Donald, aka Reach Illustration (Cast Adrift – Papercuts and Inkstains #02, Timeworn tales of Torment & Terror, Pigs Might Surf, The X Tractor), editor Chris Johnston and designer Brad Holman (Madius Comics alumni, Average Joe) comes a new supernatural thriller in the vein of BPRD, Hellboy and Hellblazer.

GRIFF GRISTLE is a 36 page supernatural thriller comic with a punk rock heart that takes the tropes of the horror and supernatural genres and puts them all at sea…

Digital Reward?
From £3 you get A DRM free digital copy of Griff Gristle and our everlasting thanks!

Paper Triangle Issue 1: Creation Coming to Life

by Kathryn Silver

What would you do if your drawings came to life?

This is a new graphic novel set in cold war era Russia where a new artifact has been found. Pens that can produce living drawings were stolen and distributed to the public. One lands in the hands of Sophie, a creative 10 year old right before she was uprooted from her home and relocated to the Artists’ colony.

Digital Reward?
$5 gets you A .Pdf of the first 20 pages

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