Review: 2000 AD Prog 1977

This weeks special Prog reviewed!


This is a special prog – celebrating the birth of 2000AD in 1977!

Judge Dredd in Grindstone Cowboys finishes and provides a link to the Judge Dredd Megazine, which is rare in itself as crossovers like this seldom happen. It’s a jarring ending, but has some good scope for future adventures. (No spoilers here!) The back and forth between the scenes in the Cursed Earth and the Hall of Justice in Mega City One are very interesting.

Part Five of Survival Geeks have a fightback in Geeks Fatale with the gender (and species) swapped geeks. It’s a fun read and the little nods, in jokes and winks are spot on. This ends in this issue really well!

The Fall of Deadworld continues in Tainted as we get closer to the Deadworld that we know – just as things don’t seem bad (relatively) things get even worse – we even get shades of Judge Death here too. The art is perfect for the story and gives the right feeling!

The Mystery of Prog 1977 features Tharg The Mighty and gives us a secret origin of sorts of 2000 AD – now we know about all that Thrill Power!

Aquila Charon’s Mercy starts out very grim, but it’s all for a good cause. This was an entertaining read, and has some spoilers on the horizon for Aquila – you can just see it coming!




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