Reviews: Back To The Future, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: A Spoon Too Short & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures

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Some thoughts on some of the latest digital comics from IDW Publishing


Back To The Future kicks off with Doc Brown in the past – so we know now how he started his trip, but not how he finished it! Generally this is quite a fast paced issue with a lot of car chasing going on with Needles and tow trucks – all good fun. At the end we start to get some of the reasoning behind what’s going on – but not all the information! Doc Brown is getting some of his memory back, but not all! Marty has a plan, and it’s a familiar one!

The Animated Adventure of the TMNT kick off with the conclusion to last issues cliffhanger of the the Turtles, Casey and Napoleon being attacked by the frog clan. Donatello quickly works things out and a plan is formed – I like it, especially with the turtles hostage! Next up is a short adventure featuring Donnie and Baxter Stockman – it’s a fun read, which should appeal to younger readers!

This penultimate issue has a lot going on, some real laugh out loud moments, as well as some excellent work by Dirk. The reason for the muteness seems to be uncovered as Dirk has a plan and it all lurches out here – next issue we get the wrap up, which will be interesting – I wonder what will continue with Dirk’s flashbacks too, as they seem really interesting!

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