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by Leviathan Labs


Mardak is a veteran of the secession war between aliens and men, he went totally mad and acts as a solitary murderer. During the colonization war, he lost his whole family because of the Red Skulls, that perpetrate racism against the surviving alien species. Mardak used to be a medical doctor, who went mad because of the conditions he had to work in to cure children and injured people. The coup de grace was given by the Red Skulls, who kidnapped and tortured him because he rebelled against their inhuman actions.


Now Mardak is wandering through the desolated lands in search of the Red Skulls to avenge himself, but his madness is slowing him down and distracting him, so sometimes he has to recall what and who he is after.


Mardak saves an alien woman who was about to be killed by the Red Skulls and from that moment on an escalation of violence begins, in search of a vengeance too long kept hidden in the meanderings of madness.

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