Thoughts: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Britannia, Civil War II, Deadpool Vs Gambit, I Hate Fairyland, Karnak, Kingsway West, Lucifer, The Punisher & Vote Loki

A round up of thoughts on some of this weeks digital comics.


This title seems to be more deeply involved with Civil War II than some of the other spin-off titles. There is a lot going on here – not just Civil War II, but the issues between Coulson and his former team. Meanwhile, we find out about Fitz’s status as an agent, as well as how Simmons is getting on. I do wonder if Coulson has a plan for all this – he does seem to be a bit like Batman in that case!

A new mini series from Valiant and this is a massive read. Not only is there a long introduction, the plot (and schemes) but there is some more information at the end. Set in ancient Rome at the time of Nero, we get a lot with him, the Vestal Virgins and all that goes with it. Nero is done to perfection – a snotty, violent brat! It’s where we get to the end that it all comes together – Druids, monsters and Romans!

Civil War II seems to lurch from one to another, we’ve got the first real big battle between the two forces, as well as another vision. I get the feeling that this story is being stretched out – sure, it asks some important questions, but it’s going on too long. Now we’ve got a high profile arrest based on the predictions, as well as some more issues between the teams. Just hurry up already!!

I’m glad that this mini has finished. It was a glorious mess, but it could have been so much better. Deadpool and Gambit don’t seem a good fit and there were times that it felt cluncky. The parts with Fat Cobra and the Warriors Three were nice, as was the ending. This issue did have some nice parts. Deadpool with the powers of Iron Fist was weird, but the status quo has been maintained!

A violent issue, and that’s saying something for I Hate Fairyland standards. This is a done-in-one story, which has Gert going into a hat of holding. The place is a mess with battles with and against creatures. There are some fund scenes, and some excellent gory battles.

Karnak mops up after the previous issue and gets way too involved in the questioning of one of the survivors. What we get is a close look at Karnak’s mind. He doesn’t react well and there is some nasty stuff going on in this issue. The arc concludes next issue and things don’t look good!

After issue #1’s introduction we get more of Kingsway West’s introduction. In true western fashion, he just wants to be left alone, but he gets dragged into these situations. In the background – unknown to Kingsway West, we have the plot of new forces after the red gold to power their machines. This issues has the clashes between the two groups before they know it! I feel sorry for Kingsway – he’s not going to get his way!

We start to get some answers in Lucifer, and it seems to be a good things as things are going very badly in heaven and hell as the presence returns with some new ideas. Lucifer quickly finishes off his current problem and then formulates a plan. He’s got his team and we meet the narrator. Next issue will be very interesting!

Completing the arc in The Punisher, most of the loose ends are all tied up. There are some aspects left hanging, as it’s good to leave those for future stories. This was a bloody affair with Frank and his DEA ‘partner’ going up against the gang supplying the drugs. There is a nice cross between the action and the grim humour we expect from these stories. Jammed guns/RPG’s and all!

Another mini series ending and we’ve got to election day. This series seems to get lost partways through each issue and this issue was no different. I like what they did with it all and there were some excellent parts, but I am glad this wasn’t stretched out for too long (*cough* Civil War II *cough*)

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