Reviews: Champions, Eclipse, Mayday, Moon Knight & The Wicked + The Divine

Champions #2, Eclipse #3, Mayday #1, Moon Knight #8 & The Wicked + The Divine #23

My thoughts on this weeks digital comics!

After last issues big team-up, we now get a bit of bonding between the team. A camping trip orginised by Ms Marvel! It’s an excellent and unique idea for the team. They learn about each other, their powers and more. We also get the addition of a new member (not really a spoiler, check the front cover) Again, this looks to be an excellent title, one that I’m going to stick with. I love the diverseness of the personalities, and their mission statement. A good read, and also a good point for those who may have missed last issue!

The investigation continues after last issues shocking find. Instead of dragging it out, we get some reasoning behind the slaughter at the church – although not the whole story. We also get a bit of an idea of the person who can survive in the sun – it looks to be a virus or something similar. Nevertheless, that isn’t the main mystery here – what is, is the conspiracy around the church massacre – that we are only getting hints at!

Well, that was an interesting ride! Mixing in all the staples of the 60’s – The cold war, Russians, Hippies, LSD & more. it looks like we’ve got an interesting story of spies and drugs! At first I thought this was going to be a pretty standard cold war spy thriller, but the addition of the LSD trip (and the amazing art that goes with it), we’ve got something more. It like the different agencies rivalries as well as some of the more detailed looks at the groups. I’m going to stick with this!

It looks like we’ve gone full circle here with Moon Knight and return to where we are at the beginning of the arc. I’ve really enjoyed the contrasting personalities of Moon Knight, as well as the different art styles on all the different aspects of the story. I’m looking forward to the next issue as we’re going to get it all sorted (maybe?!)

OK, wow! I new this was coming as the team had been plugging this issue for a while. I was absolutely engrossed as I would be reading any sort of fan magazine. This is excellent, some brilliantly written articles by some great writers and some perfect art to go with it!

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