Reviews: Britannia & Mayday

Britannia #4 (of 4) & Mayday #2 (of 5)

My thoughts on two digital comics from Valiant & Image Comics


Completing this mini series, I hope to see more from the detectioner. it was a well crafted ending, with a lot of mopping up, and some explanations for the madness that had been happening witht the Romans and Britons. I like the mix between the fantastic and the logical and there is a nice feel-good ending. Nero only has a small part, but there is a nice touch with him and his potential future. The art and action was excellent – grim and gritty in all, with some nice demon infested scenes.

There’s not a whole lot of talking going on here, but wow! there’s a lot of action. The two Russian agents are captured, but it looks like they’ve found a way out. There’s also something going on in Russia – with some plotting an scheming with two high-ups. This was a fast, mad-packed issue, with a lot of death, destruction and bullets flying. The action scenes are really well done, with some nice movements of characters as well all the guns going off!


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