Preview: Golden Age Comic Collector #1

Issue One: Abductions

A new title from Unload Press – adults only!

Golden Age Comic Collector #1
Issue One: Abductions
Following on from the success of the War Nurse adults only reboot more heroines from the Golden Age of comic books have been given the Unload Comics treatment. Again, written and drawn by Dan McGill, this new comic book series contains nudity and scenes of a sexual nature, so regular Unload Comic fans won’t be disappointed.
Set after WWII in Manhattan, this 30 page comic book brings together lots of Golden Age Comic Book heroines and heroes in an adults only story. It’s 1950 and the remaining Crime Crusaders (Minute Man, Flame, Cat-Man, Bulletman, Bulletgirl and Black Cat) realise that someone is abducting female masks after several of their own team go missing. Their female teammates are being taken by unknown and known enemies from their past, but who is the mastermind behind it and why are they only taking female masks?
In this first issues, Phantom Lady, Flame Girl, Lady Luck, Miss Fury and Cat-Man’s sidekick Kitten are all targeted and put up more of a fight than your average damsel in distress. The identity of the mastermind behind this diabolical plot is revealed in the final pages, but by then two heroines have been abducted and delivered into bondage and three more are in peril.
These domain free characters were created by Will Eisner, Arthur Peddy and June Tarpe Mills, back in the late 30’s and early 40’s and were published by companies like Quality, Fox, Holyoke and Bell Syndicate. Now, they are back and like the originals that caused quite a stir due to their sexual nature, Unload Comics new versions will do the same, only this time these heroines are being placed firmly in the adults only market.
So, if you like your comics to contain nudity and scenes of a sexual nature, why not join Sandra Knight, Linda Preston, Brenda Banks, Maria Drake and Katie Conn on their perilous misadventures.
#2 is already on the drawing board, but if you can’t wait, Unload Comics has several other adults only titles available to download, including Naked Powers, Anna and Barbara, Jungle Jayne, Stepford MILFs, Naked World Order, Galaxy Trek, War Nurse, Zombie Hunt and even a Christmas Time Special.
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