Reviews: Bullseye, Champions, Darth Maul, Karnak, Moon Knight, Nova, Star Wars & The Unstoppable Wasp

Bullseye #1, Champions #5, Darth Maul #1, Karnak #6, Moon Knight #11, Nova #3, Star Wars #28 & The Unstoppable Wasp #2

My thoughts on a few Marvel digital comics out this week!


I’m glad this is just a mini-series. Not that I didn’t like it – I really enjoyed it. I just don’t think Bullseye can sustain a prolonged run as a series.
This was a scatty read, good fun and violent – pretty much what you would expect from a Bullseye comic. There are two stories here, the first is the main story, which sets Bullseye up for a run on a Columbian cartel, who have kidnapped the son of a US gangster. There are some small comments on Bullseye’s history – death, paralysis and so on, but once mentioned, we move on!
The story is well drawin – comedic enough for the brain of the character, but still with some nice scenes and moves. I especially like Bullseye amusing himself while talking to his agent!
The back story is a one stop story with a nice twist – although I did kind of expect the ending!

I’ve only read three comics with Gwenpool in it (including this one) and I’m already thinking she is over exposed.
Nevertheless, this was a good issue – continuing the theme of the Champions dealing with problems other superhero teams won’t or can’t deal with. They try to deal with things in other ways than with their fists and you can see how this may be a problem with a Hulk on their team!
This issue deals with a very touchy subject – race and the police force in America, but I think it was very well done – Viv was particularly interesting with her analysis!
The team continue to bond well, and each member fits nicely. I’m still enjoying this series – it’s serious, but fun too!

I was unsure about this one – I enjoyed and own some of the previous canon Star Wars titles featuring Darth Maul – from Dark Horse. And I like the character and think that he can be used well. The trick is doing something that hasn’t been seen before.
This issue does some of that.
First off though, it deals with Darth Maul chomping at the bit to get at the Jedi. Something Darth Sideous doesn’t want yet – as his plans are not yet in place. To try to deal with his blood lust by doing a spot of hunting. What he hunts will be familiar to those of you who have seen The Force Awakens – a nice touch.
Then it looks like Sideous has Maul doing a bit of tidying up for him with the trade federation – where he learns about a padawan being held hostage…..
This was a throwback to some of the Dark Horse titles, it does feel like it is re-treading some of the old stories, but the hook of what Maul wants to do next is interesting enough for me to keep reading!

This series has struggled with artist problems, but it has been one that I have enjoyed reading. I wonder if it will read better in a trade – if it is released as a trade – because then some things may fit more. We get to the bottom as to why Karnak has a problem with this kid, and it does make a kind of sense. Karnak’s reaction was a little extreme perhaps, but I can see where he was coming from.
The action in this issue was well crafted and dank in with the theme of the series. I like Karnak – he is flawed and he sees those flaws too!

We get more flashbacks into the early life of Moon Knight – his time out of the asylum as well as his time in the military. This was quite a fast paced issue. Flitting between flashbacks and to his time in the underworld – dueling on bugs and being taken prisoner. I kind of see where this is going, but I have no idea of the endgame. Enjoyable though!

OK, why does Deaths Head have a Canadian accent?
Other than that, this was quite an interesting episode. Rich and Sam are building on their chemistry and we seem to be getting more of a look into the hows and whats and whys of Rich’s return from death. He deals with it very well here and Sam doesn’t seem to notice.
I will always enjoy an issue with Cosmo and this one seems to have a lot more of him than I’ve seen recently!
Ex-Girlfriends next!!!

Yoda’s adventure continues and here, in the mountain he learns some more. Yoda seems a lot more patient here, and understanding as he learns about the people and their children of the planet. He lso makes some discoveries about himself and the way of the force – this at first seemed like it was going to be all Yoda, but then we first get an interesting part with Obi-Wa, which seems to link in with Yoda’s story (and adds to the mystery of it all) and then Luke realises he knows something too. He goes rushing off, which may be a problem in the long run.
I’m interested to see where it will all go, and the point of it all!

Nadia’s mission starts here, and she’s on the lookout for more female scientists. Add in Jarvis and we get a really fun read. It has been cristised for being a little wordy, but I really like it. The hyperactivity of Nadia was really well done as she bounces from plan to plan. Jarvis adds a good, sensible direction, which has to deal with Nadia. We also get Moon Girl guest starring and that is a nice cameo really. Hopefully we’ll have a fully fleshed out cast soon.
It looks like there is going to be a blast from Nadia’s past in the next issue and it was hinted at throughout the issue. I love the art and the style – it all fits together nicely!

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