Reviews: Curse Words, Fix & Surgeon X

Curse Words #2, Fix #8 & Surgeon X #6

My thoughts on three of this weeks digital comics from Image Comics


We follow up after Wizord decided to freeze and erase the memories of all those who saw him kill the wizard sent after him in the last issue. Wizord knows that people are after him and looks to be doing some deals to allow him to fight against them. On the other hand it looks like there are plans afoot to defeat him. This was a more serious issue than last issue, with some real soul searching going on!
Wizord has his conscience in the form of a Koala, and it adds some good thoughts as we move on – it looks like Wizord is left with a problem as one is due to arrive!

this issue deals with two parts. First is Pretzels and we get to see a little of his life before he was picked up by the police. Mac is worried about him, and so are we! This all leads into something for the next arc (by the looks of it) with some really big bads for the next issue. It’s a fun part though and I like the emotions that go with it.
Meanwhile, Ray is still investigating. It’s got to be the ex-boyfriend hasn’t it? But there are problems with that theory, and that all leads Ray to something else. Which looks very, very different to what Mac is dealing with!

Thing take a darker turn and we kick off this larger issue with a really freaky dream sequence. It really sets us up for the rest of the issue though. There are different philosophies here, and we get to see both sides of them all. Rosa deals with her personal demons and we get an understanding of her mind set and the way moving forward. We get a look at her allies as well as those against her. Her relationships with her sister and brother are very interesting too. It looks like her relationship with her father is going downhill though. Combined with this we get a new medical threat and this looks to be a major problem for those who live in London, I don’t know how that is going to be dealt with! Rosa’s sister looks to have maybe found a way, and what their mother was after, but it looks like someone else is on their track. This was an excellent end of arc, and I look forward to Surgeon X returning soon!



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