Reviews: Darth Maul, Iron Fist & The Unworthy Thor

Darth Maul #2, Iron Fist #1 & The Unworthy Thor #5

My thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics


This issue picked up well from last issue, and I feel a bit more happy with the story – this may be due to the supporting cast. It’s nice to see the likes of Auror Sing and her fellow bounty hunters in this and although they are a little bit on the side of this story it links in well with their role in The Clone Wars.
Maul continues to narrate to himself and it is getting a little tedious. We get it, he’s full of rage, his master won’t be happy if he finds out….I feel there should be more ‘show’ and less ‘tell’ with this story. We did get some action in this issue and it wasn’t totally one-sided as Maul didn’t want to draw attention to himself by using his lightsaber, which makes sense. I like the surprise from the Mon Calimari though!

Hmmm, there must be a new series/movie/cartoon out…!
Ah yes there is, and I have to admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for the character – going back to the “Power Man & Iron Fist” series. I also admit that I quite enjoyed the Netflix series – not as good as some, but still not bad. On to the comic. K’un Lun has gone and Danny seems to have lost his way, he feels like something is missing and has been travelling around looking for it. This ‘looking’ is actually him fighting as many people as he can – seeing if any of them will give him that ‘spark’ that he seems to has lost. So far, not so good – there is no challenge for him. Then he gets invited to a meeting, a tournament? Perhaps, and it looks like we’re going to have lots of Kung-Fu moving forward.
As a note, the guy he talks to on the plane seems to be a “gun on the mantelpiece” type moment – will we hear more?

We finally discover what Nick Fury/The new Watcher said to Thor all those months ago to make him ‘unworthy’. It was an interesting moment, and one that makes some kind of sense, but I think in all, I’m glad it’s out in the open. And now we move on. There were some other revelations here too. The Collector wasn’t happy as he seems to have lost all of his pets! One of them has made an interesting addition to Thor’s group! Thanos also seems to have moved on, but there’s an alliance there too that he seems to have made. It makes some sense and I think this is going to have some implications down the road. Finally we get a new addition to the mythos – another Thor, the War Thor. This looks to be a more aggressive Thor and will be interesting. This wasn’t a bad series, but it seems to be a good lead up to bigger stories.

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