Reviews: Evil Heroes & Grimm Fairy Tales

Evil Heroes #6 & Grimm Fairy Tales #4

My thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment


The final part of this mini series does give us an ending, but it is open-ended if they want to revisit these particular characters again. It’s quite action packed with the final showdown with the ‘gods’. It also gives us a reason as to why one of the gods isn’t strictly on the same page as all the others. The final battle is well done, as is the reasoning behind it. I like the set up and the final death may seem like a bit of an anti-climax, but then we get the real ending.
The real ending is the part that could link to the their being another series, and it is quite obvious, but it needs to be done!

This was another done-in-one story with Skye looking into some ‘lizard’ based disappearances.It is a simple story, with only the power of the book being the ongoing mystery in the story. There were no other hints to other realms and people. Shang’s reactions to Skye were fun, as we see the similarities between her and her mother. This issue was a bit predictable, although the ending wasn’t and it let you not trust what you think.

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