Fund Me Friday: Strong Female Protagonist, Questionable Content & Unsounded

Here are some of the latest comic projects on Kickstarter with the option of digital comic reward tiers!

Strong Female Protagonist is the story of Alison Green, a middle-class American with super-strength, invincibility, and a crippling sense of social injustice. In the book we’re producing with this Kickstarter, Alison investigates a string of murders, encounters a mysterious figure from her past, and tries to make a difference in a world where the problems are much bigger and more complex than simply punching supervillains.

Digital Reward?
$10 gets you a PDF copy of STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONIST: BOOK TWO, including bonus content

Questionable Content is a long-running internet comic strip about robots, romance, and butt jokes. It started in 2003 and has over 3000 full-color comic strips available to read for free online! If you’re not familiar with the comic, it’s set in a present-day college town in Western Massachusetts and follows the lives of an intertwined group of twentysomethings as they navigate love, friendship, and life in general. There are also lots of robots running around everywhere, because in the QC universe we figured out the whole AI thing a while ago.

Digital Reward?
$10 gets you a digital copy of QC volume 6! Good for reading on various electronic devices such as phones, computers, tablets, smart fridges, and surveillance drones.

Unsounded, a high fantasy adventure graphic novel. Unsounded is published online for free right now and you can read it for yourself at

The comic stars Sette Frummagem, a streetwise young pickpocket eager to please her dad, the local King of Thieves. In order to prove her worth, Sette is sent across the continent to collect on a debt from her cousin, with no one to protect her but a mysterious man named Duane who… happens to be undead.

Battling and sneaking their ways past human traffickers, corrupt police officers, heroic royal guardsmen, nihilistic mages, and desperate criminals, our protagonists finally arrived at the headquarters of Sette’s cousin. The second book ended on a tense note, with an injured Sette leading a menacing slaver back to a Love Hotel bedroom where there awaited a ravenous, oblivious, man-eating Duane!

Digital Reward?
$5 gets you a PDF of Unsounded Volume 3 at web resolution.

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