Reviews: Doctor Aphra & The Unstoppable Wasp

Doctor Aphra #6 & The Unstoppable Wasp #4

My thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics

The end of the arc and this was a really good ending. We get some more excellent father/daughter moments. And everything seems to have (sort of) worked out!
The bonding between the two is really good, and I hope this is something we will see more of in the future. Is this the first mention of the pre-republic in the new canon? I think so, and it makes me wonder if we will get more ancient history as we travel with Aphra?
The ending was also good, with a nice return from a character I enjoy!!

Another enjoyable issue of The Unstoppable Wasp. Not only do we get some good Wasp action, but we get some brains and information too. This time about fighting style. As Wasp takes on the Grapplers we get a good look at how she fights. Really interesting stuff. We also get a new recruit to the science club!
On top of this we get some peak Jarvis with him trying to help!
Nadia’s meeting with Matt Murdock (or Matt MODOK) was alos fun, with her making a bit of a blind faux pas! the ending was well written and well staged!


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