Reviews: Champions, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Star Wars & The Unstoppable Wasp

Champions #10, Daredevil #23, Iron Fist #5, Star Wars #33 & The Unstoppable Wasp #7

My thoughts on the some of the latest digital comics from Marvel Comics


The Champions crossover with the Secret Empire. And this issue is unique as there is no Captain America/Hydra, but there is the felt presence of the new regime! This issue deals with the captured or ‘interred’ Inhumans and what has been done with them. There are some good links with the current Hulk. Amadeus Cho is not only Asian/American – so has some knowledge of internment camps, but the location of the camp is somewhere known to him. He knows about this as he helped build it – not for Inhumans, but for The (original) Hulk. As with most of the Champions books, there are some interesting challenges and things are not all black and white – the Champions come up with a unique way of dealing with it and it pushes the tone of the series, while adding something interesting to the Secret Empire run!

There’s no Daredevil in this issue, but there is a fair amount of action. First of all – as seen in the previews – we get Kingpin’s reaction to Matt Murdock’s plan. They are both going the physical (Tombstone) and the legal – Legal. It’s an interesting mix and it throws a joker in the pack that Matt is trying to deal with. Adding She-Hulk was a good idea, and I wonder though if this is going to Matt reconciling with Foggy?
This was a well thought out issue – especially Matt’s plan of helping without revealing his identity!

This issue concludes the arc and it’s a really action packed issue. We get some more history of Kun-Lau as well as the latest – and last master Danny must face. The arena style of it all is really good, and I like Danny’s internal monologue. The ending was well done and potentially leaves some threads for future arcs – I’m enjoying this and it looks like we’ll get double Kung-Fu next issue!

After the madness of The Screaming Citadel, we get a slower paced one-shot. Luke and Leia are stuck on a deserted island on an ocean plant. There’s a lot of back and forth between the two and there is some nice looks at their history – using Luke to get water was a clever idea!
One thing I’m not a fan of is some of the art – it’s too photo referenced, to the extent that it is jarring.

We get double of the Wasp in this issue – the new and the original. Most of this issue is taken up with Janet, acting as the kindly step-mother, helping out physically and emotionally where she can. It’s a very heartfelt issue, with some really nice points. Janet is really fleshed out in this issue with more happening around her and what she does than I’ve seen for a long time. Her reactions are perfect and this issue allows both Wasp’s to shine!

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