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the return of the Reverse Flash – this issue gives us a slightly changed origin of the Reverse Flash. He’s still unhinged and he’s still from the future, but we do get a look at the breaking point and the ramifications of that. Thawne is totally nuts and Barry does his best, but things don’t go to plan and there is a big reveal at the end! Most of this issue is told in Flashback – both from Thawne as well as the Flash thinking about all the problems he’s had with the Reverse Flash. This is only part one of the story, but I expect it to escalate even further as we move on!

The quest for the journal continues and Constantine and Djinn both have two different methods. Constantine seems to be letting on less than he knows, but I’m sure he understand the stakes. The flashbacks continue to intrigue and we’re getting a good idea of the danger that everyone is in. I like the combination of the two different approaches. Constantine is relying on trickery, which the Djinn’s forces are on fear and violence – something john disagrees with. It’s all going to come to a head soon as these all meet in Paris. Meanwhile is Mercury being played?
And by who?

The final showdown and all cards are on the table – above, as well as below there are battles being waged. There is a nice twist of the battle in hell as there are betrayals and reveals. I like the way it was all done and it clears the decks nicely. Meanwhile, Lucifer has his confrontation with god – and things happen pretty quickly – I did wonder if it was going to all go wrong, but it was nice to see all the parts coming together!
This starts the slate off nicely with a new arc too!

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