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Spotlight: Rocket Queen and The Wrench
Space Goat Publishing

Rocket Queen and The Wrench 1-3

A story about heroes and villains, friendship and family, and the dangers of being a hero as well as the dangers of loving someone. Rocket Queen and the Wrench offers all of the best features of superheroic fantasy: a rich setting, colorful heroes and villains, amazing locales, and more.

New this week:

James Patterson
Crysis 1-6
EA Comics & IDW

Set in the world of the award-winning Crysis games comes the newest series from EA Comics! Earth, 2020. The soldiers of the Raptor Team thought their deployment on the Lingshan islands was a basic covert operation. They couldn’t be more wrong. What awakened on the island had lain buried for millions of years, and was utterly hostile to human life.

FREE COMIC: Time Lincoln 1-6
Antarctic Press

What happens when the Great Emancipator is suddenly freed from the bonds of time to right wrongs throughout history? Taken out of time on the night of his assassination with the help of H.G. Wells’s time machine, Abraham Lincoln finds himself waging war upon the forces of evil in the past, present and future!

James Patterson
Drago Bentley
Cloud 9 Comix

A gifted twenty second century private investigator made blind when his optical implant is switched off for non-payment of a debt is forced to reanimate his android to help him solve the case of a missing billionaire, exposing the truth behind a militant group of high level androids and a corrupt senator hell-bent on controlling the world.

James Patterson
Bubble Gun #4
Aspen Comics

The BubbleGun crew return for more high stakes jobs! Since the team rescued the group’s newest member, the cyber boy Asher, from the corporate megalomaniac, Drazic, their world has been in constant turmoil! How will they escape the clutches of a ruthless gangster plotting to kidnap Asher?!

James Patterson
Raise The Dead
Cloud 9 Comix

This time, there’s a twist as Dynamite puts the “living” into the living dead! A small band of survivors race towards their destiny in the bowels of a research laboratory. It’s here they’ll meet the enigmatic Dr. Jones, who may hold the key to humanity’s salvation, or may drive the final nail into humanity’s coffin!

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