Comichaus – The Indie Comic Subscription App Launches Today!

A new comic app is going to be available today – check out Comichaus on Android and Apple!

Going live at midnight GMT!

Details below, but first some thoughts on the app.

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. The team behind Comichaus have been present for a while, with their site offering a chance to buy print copies of indie comics.
Now they’ve gone to the next level with a subscription app to read these comics as a digital file!
For a very reasonable £3 a month, you get the chance to read and download digital comics. You can stream them if your WiFi is strong and you don’t have much space, or you can download it for offline reading.

I have the Android version and I found it very easy to use and navigate my way around. Above is the initial dashboard, where you can see featured comics sliding across the top, with your favourites and recently viewed. There is also a section for top comics and new releases.

There is already an excellent selection of comics, with some recognisable comics for the casual fan – Judge Dredd and Locke & Key from IDW spring to mind, but there is also an excellent selection of indie and smallpress comics to read – highly recommended. You can search through comics by title, characters, genre, publishers or creators, which make it an excellent method or searching for what you would like to read!

Once you’ve chosen some comics you have options! You can read them live – streaming them as you go, or you can download them to read offline anywhere, there is also an excellent 3rd option – if the title is available, you can also buy the comic in print, straight from the app – this is an excellent feature which allows you to further support the creators!

The comic reading itself and is very high quality, with some smooth transitions.

I can see this is something I am going to be using a lot!

Keep your eye on the 3 Million Years Facebook page and my twitter feed as I will be giving away some subscriptions to this excellent app.

Below are some further details about the app from Comichaus



What is it? 

The Comichaus App is an app that is dedicated to indie comics. For a subscription fee of £3 a month (£30 a year) you can:

* Get access to stream and discover all the indie comics in our catalogue

* Save as many of the comic books offline as your device storage will allow

* Search by title, creator, genre and publisher

* Discover more about creators

* Support creators – 50% of advert and subscription revenue will be split with creators based on how many times their books are read

Will it work on my device?

The Comichaus App will work on Apple/iOS devices listed here, and Android/Amazon handsets and tablets running android version 4.4 and above.

Why is it a Subscription fee AND Adverts?

We wanted to create a model that was beneficial to the creators/publishers and one that would also be self sustaining. The adverts on the app are non intrusive but will mean we can generate income to go back to the creators and publishers, whilst also covering the running costs of the app itself. Members can opt for the £5 a month ‘No Ads’ subscription if they wish

Can I get my content on the App?

Anyone can contribute to the Comichaus database. Whether you want to add/amend data on your favourite mainstream books – or you are an indie creator/publisher wanting to add your own

For any new additions simply go to the top right hand corner of this page and click ‘add to database’. Once this database listing is approved your comic book can be uploaded to the Comichaus App. Help page here!

If you have any queries regarding your content and acceptablility please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy

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