Review: The Pride #1

Holding Out For a Hero
FabMan, sick of being treated as a joke and seeing no representation for the LGBTQ in a world full of heroes, assembles the greatest super powered LGBTQ heroes from around the world to form The Pride!
Who joins? And what nefarious shadow is building just out of sight? Will The Pride be up for the task?
Get in on the ground floor today!

Written by – Joe Glass
Art by – Marc Ellerby, Joshua Faith, Gavin Mitchell
Colored by – Kris Carter, Marc Ellerby
Cover by – Kris Anka
Lettered by – Mike Stock

The Pride is a series about a team of LGBTQ+ superhero’s by Joe Glass and illustrated by Mitchell Carter

The first issue shows the coming together of the group- which includes: Fabman, Stephen Wainright- tomorrow’s fabulous man today; Angel, New York-super drag artist confusion fields; The Bear, Harvey Castro-bear like appearance and augmented senses and strength; Queen Sapphire, queen Sapphire of Labrysia- superhuman strength speed and stamina; White trash, Wayne Mather’s -superhuman strength and durability directly linked to his confidence and Frost,aka Mistress Evangeline Isabella Ryder III- Ice powers

The Pride is a great comic for age’s 12+ because it contains sensitive subjects and references- like homophobia and calling people a faggot. however it is a very easy read and is good to just sit down and read.
The art is very colourful and the characters are easy to relate to because they are so unique.

In my opinion The Pride is a great comic and is also quite funny, like when Fabman tries to drink whisky1
The only thing I don’t quite understand is how a bear links in to the LGBTQ+ theme. However I guess you just have to read on to see yourself.
I would definitely read further issues of this and recommend it!

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