Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Saucer State

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #78 & Saucer State #6

My thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics from IDW. The midway point of this arc of TMNT and final part of Saucer State.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #78

‘Invasion of the Triceratons,’ Part 3 of 5. As all sides of the conflict make plans for the final battle, a surprise character returns to make amends!

Things are really ramping up in this invasion and the Turtles try to make some see sense, but it really doesn’t look like that is going to work. This is only going to make the wedge between the Foot/Splinter and the Turtles even larger.

There are some nice bits here too – April’s parents get in on the action and the Purple Dragons get some unexpected help in the fight between the Triceratons and them! It wasn’t the return I expected, and I am a little distrustful of it, but it’s nice for the time being!

this is a good mid-point for the arc, and things really look bleak!

Saucer State #6

Kidd and Chloe are lost in Hollywood and… under fire?! Astelle has been alien abducted… by Isis?! The WW2 origins of the UFO myth are… fake news?! And of course, of course, of course, President Arcadia Alvarado is in Moscow, the axis of the story, the axis of recent history, for the season finale of… the human race?

Season one completes and there are some answers in this, but still many, many questions. There are even a couple of cameos in this issue – Vladmir Putin and Phillip K Dick (there’s two cameos I thought I’d never see in one issue of anything!) I like the build up in this issue and all the story telling too! This issue is really well told, with a good bit of flashbacks and to present day.
There are casualties too, and it’s a shame to see them go, but it finishes the season on a bang!

I’m looking forward to the next season!

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