Reviews: Peek A Boo & GFT: Tarot

My thoughts on issue #5 of Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot and new series Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo #1

A mother seeking solace with her two teenage children after a recent tragedy signs up for a group hiking and camping tour.  But navigating the difficult terrain is the least of the hikers’ worries as the group soon finds they’re being stalked by unseen predators.

Ralph Tedesco – Writer
Joe Brusha – Writer
Victoria Rau – Writer

A new horror series from Zenescope, and it kicks off in the right way – total violence! It’s a pretty horrific start, but it sets the tone well and you are just gearing up for a reprise before the end of the issue.

The build up is well done, with plenty of time set aside to develop the characters and also to give some background to the group, the area and potentially the killer(s). It is well done, and the individuals involved are well done, with some good comments and a look at who you want to survive and (guiltily) who you want to die before this tale is finished!

I enjoy the art and there are some nice scenes with a mix of desert, night and violence in this comic!

Luckily we don’t get left in suspense too long – there is another attack by the end of this issue!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot #5

Ever since birth, Talisman has tried to escape his destiny as an evil servant of the Order of Tarot. He has never been closer to that goal than now but, at the same time, he sits on the edge of a razor. One misstep will send him spiraling into the darkness he has fought to avoid, and little does he know that Tarot has put the pieces in place to do just that.

Joe Brusha – Writer
Renato Rei – Artist
Igor Vitorino – Cover Artist


The penultimate part of this mini series. All the planning behind the scenes takes a slight back seat here, as the Order of Light and Tarot battle. There are some interesting points here and the battle seems to mostly go the Order Of Light’s way, until nearer the end – now it looks like it could go any way, but that may not matter!

I like the ways the battle scenes were set out and the timing was just right – if a little convenient!

The next issue will wrap up the mini series, but I don’t think it will be the last of Tarot!

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