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New: Avengers: Back To Basics #4, Action Comics #1000, Skyward #1 and more new comics available now. Plus, save up to 85%!

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AVENGERS: BACK TO BASICS	 4 Captain Marvel's imposter rewrites reality!  With the Cosmic Cube against them, the Avengers are stuck in an alternate reality—and their old costumes!
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New Releases
Infinity Countdown (2018-) #2 (of 5)
X-Men Gold (2017-) #26
Action Comics (2016-) #1000
Skyward #1
Black Hammer: Age of Doom #1
The Synthetics #1
Batman (2016-) #45
Kick-Ass #3
Ms. Marvel (2015-) #29
Mister Miracle (2017-) #8
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26
Infidel #2
New Series! Antar #1 A despised camel driver born of an African slave mother and an Arab Noble father, Antar proves that heroes are made by embracing who we are and dreaming about what we can become.
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Graphic Novels & Collections
Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey
Punisher: The Platoon
My Boyfriend is a Bear
Ninjak Vol. 1: The Ninja Files Vol. 1
New Graphic Novel! Red Dog
In a distant solar system, the only child on a mineral rich planet is about to begin an adventure unlike any other, when his cyber canine goes missing in the savage alien landscape. Plus, read *The Synthetics #1* and more indie new releases now! See All
Digital Firsts
Batman: Sins of the Father (2018-) #6
Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins #6
Lost Angels: The School Daze Playlist #3
It Looks Back
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TMNT Sale: up to 60% off! Sale ends 4/30. Black Panther Blockbuster Sale: up to 67% off! Sale ends 4/22.
BOOM! Studios Buy One, Get One Free Coupon. Sale ends 4/23. Oni Spotlight Sale: up to 60% off. Sale ends 4/26.
Humanoids: Magic Sale: up to 66% off! Sale ends 5/3. Dynamite Massive Collections Sale: up to 64% off! Sale ends 4/30.
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Review: Agent 1.22 #4

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Issue #4 of the ongoing series, Agent 1.22 is out now, available online, on ComiXology (soon) or Kindle. Agent 1.22 is on the run! Will the Establishment take her down before Matt can save the […]

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