New Digital Comics On comiXology: Venom, Angelic, Midway & Sales

New: Venom #1, Justice League: No Justice #1, Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock #1 + many more. Plus, up to 83% off select comics!

Here are this weeks digital comics, collections, exclusives and sales on comiXology

An ancient and primordial evil has been awakened beneath the streets of New York, and with it, something equally evil has awakened in that most Wicked of Webslingers – VENOM!
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New Releases
Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda (2018) #1 (of 4)
Domino (2018) #2
Justice League: No Justice (2018-) #1
Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock (2018) #1 (of 4)
Calexit #3
Clonsters #1
Wonder Woman (2016-) #46
Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #1
Darth Vader (2017-) #16
The Immortal Men (2017-) #2
George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings: The Comic Book #10
Rose #11
New Issue! Monstress #16
As Maika descends into the labyrinthine lost world of the Shaman Empress, will Kippa find herself the victim of an unexpected treachery?
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Graphic Novels & Collections
Hawkeye: Kate Bishop Vol. 3: Family Reunion
Despicable Deadpool Vol. 2: Bucket List
Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions
Angelic Vol. 1: Heirs And Graces
New Series! Clonsters #1
When Polly goes on an adventure to find her lost she discovers about nature of her world will change the Land of Nuggetiza forever...if she can get home safely! See All
Digital Firsts
Midway Vol. 1
Legends of Aukera: The Ascendants #2
Time Grunts #2
Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018-) #8
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Marvel Silver Age Sale: up to 70% off! Sale ends 5/11. DC's Finest: Scott Snyder Sale: up to 83% off! Sale ends 5/14.
Valiant Spotlight Sale: up to 67% off. Sale ends 5/17. Red Sonja Sale: up to 67% off! Sale ends 5/17.
BOOM! Box Sale: up to 60% off! Sale ends 5/24. Avengers Blockbuster Sale: up to 75% off! Sale ends 5/10.
Kodansha Fantasy Sale 
Vol. 1's
99¢ Ends 5/14. Kodansha Fantasy Sale
Additional digital volumes up to 50% off Ends 5/14.

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