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Exorsisters #1 Did you sign a deal with the Devil? Has your fiancé been dragged to Hell? Then Kate and Cate Harrow should be the first ones you call for timely soul retrieval at a reasonable rate!
New Releases
Cemetery Beach #2
Lucifer (2018-) #1
Shuri (2018-) #1
Star Wars Adventures: Tales From Vader’s Castle #3 (of 5)
Red Sonja/Tarzan #5
Empyreal Vol. 1: The Legend of Jin Hu
Quantum and Woody! (2017) #11
Skyward #7
Justice League (2018-) #10
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (2018) (comiXology Originals) #4 (of 6)
Archie 1941 #2
Gideon Falls #7
New Series! Infinite Dark	 #1 The universe ended, but onboard the void station Orpheus, a skeleton crew of humanity survived: the last two thousand souls, waiting for a second big bang that may never come. Now, two years into their voyage, Security Director Deva Karrell investigates the station’s first murder—and the otherworldly motives behind it.
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Graphic Novels & Collections
Aquicorn Cove
Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories
Xena Vol. 1: Pennance
Death Or Glory Vol. 1
Die Kitty Die: Heaven and Hell #1 Kitty Ravencraft returns! The last time we saw her, she was killed by a mystery killer! 
Now, we'll see Kitty go on a mission from God to seek out her killer! Plus, read *Empyreal Vol. 1*, *Long Lost #6* and more indie new releases now! See All
Digital Firsts
Luke Cage – Marvel Digital Original (2018) #3
Wrath of God #3
Death of Superman, Part 1 (2018-) #12
Halloween Man Specials #6
comiXology Originals All New Always Original READ NOW
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Kelly Thompson Sale: up to 67% off! Sale ends 10/18. DC NYT Best Sellers Sale: up to 83% off! Sale ends 10/22.
Creepy Archives Sale: up to 71% off! Sale ends 10/22. Harrow County Sale: up to 60% off! Sale ends 10/22.
Dynamite Collections and Graphic Novels Sale: up to 67% off! Sale ends 10/18. Valiant Graphic Novels Sale: Up to 60% off! Sale ends 10/26.
Blake & Mortimer Sale: up to 50% off! Sale ends 10/28. BOOM! Graphic Novels Sale: up to 60% off! Sale ends 10/22.
Indie Horror Sale: up to 69% off! Sale ends 11/1. Titan Horror Sale: up to 66% off! Sale ends 11/1.

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Here’s what’s inside this weeks 2000 AD – Prog 2149 UK and DIGITAL: 18th September 2019 £2.85 NORTH AMERICA: 18th October 2019 $32.80 (per pack) DIAMOND: JUN191887 COVER: GLENN FABRY & KAREN HOLLOWAY In this issue:JUDGE DREDD:  THE FALL OF […]

Comic Previews

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