Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales, Van Helsing: Sword Of Heaven & Black Knight

My thoughts on this weeks comics from Zenescope – Grimm Fairy Tales #24, Van Helsing: Sword Of Heaven #2 and Black Knight #2

Grimm Fairy Tales #24

Merlin is ready to usher in a new golden Age of Camelot and with his new Knights of the Round table and his deadly assassin Zodiac he’s ready to destroy anyone who stands in his way. The War Camelot continues in this issue.

Joe Brusha – Writer
Edgar Salazar – Cover Artist
Anthony Spay – Variant Cover Artist
Igor Vitorino – Variant Cover Artist
Derlis Santacruz – Variant Cover Artist

The war is coming, and all the pieces are being put on the board. This was a great set up issue to the big #25 of this series. I like the way it was split between the different factions. Merlin has his plan, and his pieces. The Knights, the Orcs and the traitors to Tarot. I like the way that there are all these plans, and none really know what the others are really up to. The Tarot have a plan in mind, and at the moment I think it will be the biggest surprise! There are a lot of footnotes and references to what has gone before. Plus a teaser to what is to come.
Next issue – the storm!

Van Helsing: Sword Of Heaven #2

Liesel continues her hunt for a legendary weapon that could bring an end to world vampirism. A 2000 mile train trip across India can be an adventure all its own. Add vampires, thugs and spies and it gets bloody perilous! To reach the Sword of Heaven the world greatest vampire hunter will have to go through hell.

Chuck Dixon – Writer
Julius Abrera – Artist, Variant Cover Artist
Edgar Salazar – Cover Artist
Allan Otero – Variant Cover Artist
Hedwin Zaldivar – Variant Cover Artist

Van Helsing takes advantage of another old legend about vampires. This was one we should see coming, but the reaction to it is excellent! Van Helsing’s trek has some twists and turns and she encounters some things that she has not before. The magic of India is around them and although she has a partner, things are not looking good. We’re still on the build up, and I like the way this is going. Things look bleak, but there must be some ways out – they both seem pretty resourceful!
The art is excellent, with a different palette of colours going well with the story!

The Black Knight #2

Peyton Parks learns the real reason that the man she’s defending turned on his criminal cohorts, and just how dangerous his enemies are. And the Black Knight discovers that the law is not on her side either, forcing her to make a decision that will change everything.

Terry Kavanagh – Writer
Sergio Arino – Artist
Igor Vitorino – Cover Artist
Jason Metcalf – Variant Cover Artist
Josh Burns – Variant Cover Artist
Ryan Pasibe – Variant Cover Artist 

Fighting the suped-up gangsters look to be a problem. Especially when Peyton gets in over her head. There is a lot going on in this issue. We get a look at some of Peyton’s day-to-day skills. As well as her ‘other’ role near the end. We also get a good look at the gangsters and the sort of muscle they have. On the flip side, it is interesting to see the size of their enemies. Although they are a bit shorter by the end. This puts the Black Knight in a difficult role as she is really straddling the side of the law, and you can see she doesn’t like it.

A good read, setting up the story!

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