Reviews: Gretel & Oz: Heart Of Magic

Some thoughts on this weeks comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Gretel #3 and Oz: Heart of Magic #2 – out now!

Gretel #3

Samuel and Gretel have parted ways to gather information about Tituba’s apocalyptic plans, but a mysterious girl, armed to the teeth with military-grade weapons, is in hot pursuit of Gretel. Unexpected enemies and a revelation that could possibly rock Gretel to her core will be uncovered in the heart-stopping issue.

Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Allan Otero

We get some good history of Gretel here. With her time during WWII. I like the way the flashback is dealt with and it make Gretel more human. We also see more of the mysterious follower who has been attacking Gretel. It seems she may have made a mistake, so we’re going to find out more about her next issue. Samual seems to have walked into a trap – although we could see that happening last issue!
We also find out about the witches plans – and they do seem familiar, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out. A good issue!

Oz: Heart Of Magic #2

Dorothy is still on the run through the Lost Lands of Oz, looking for allies in her desperate plan to take the Emerald City back from the mad Wizard. She finally gets a lead on the missing Adraste and Glinda, but she’s making more enemies than friends along the way and the Wizard has allies of his own. 

Writer: Terry Kavanagh
Artwork: Marcelo Mueller

We kick off nicely with a refresher and a round up of who Dorothy has on her side.
this issue is mainly Dorothy. Although we do get to see what her body is up to – the wizard in disguise. We also get to see more of the glamour on the Scarecrow! The parts with Dorothy and the Gnome king are very interesting – I like how he knows about the below and the perils it holds.
This was a slower issue, but full of interesting parts – hopefully things will pick up for the next issue!

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