Review – Belle: Oath Of Thorns #1

Some thoughts on the latest Zenescope mini series – featuring Belle! Check out Belle: Oath of Throns #1 – out this week in print and digitally!

After her life was recently turned upside down, things have finally started to settle for Anabelle “Belle” DiMarco. Now, working with the organization known as C.H.I.P., she has more allies than she has ever had in her war against the beasts who threaten mankind. But with her new allies comes a new mission, and the price she will be asked to pay may not be worth the cost. 

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Igor Vitorino/Derlis Santacruz

The first half of this first issue is all action. We get a good sit-rep of Belle’s mission and who her support staff are. It sets up some of her background and adds some more of Belle’s history. All while fighting monsters and rescuing kids.
The action is well paced, with Belle getting some hits, as well as some licks in!
The second half is at base-camp. We learn some more about C.H.I.P.’s sset up and what they are doing. We also get a good look at Belle’s brother and Candlestick.
That leads us to the cliffhanger, and I think I had a “I knew it” moment here.
Call me cynical!
A good refresher issue, which sets up the rest of the series!

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