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Batman/Superman (2019-) #1 Superman and Batman must journey into the depths of Gotham City to learn who has been transformed into the horrifying horseman of their most dangerous and deranged foe ever.
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  Batman: Curse of the White Knight (2019-) #2
  Wonder Woman (2016-) #77
  Marvel Comics (2019-) #1000
  Ask For Mercy Season Two (comiXology Originals) #2 (of 5): The Heart of the Earth
  Tommy Gun Wizards #1
  Dream Hunter #2
  House Of X (2019-) #3 (of 6)
  Ascender #5
  Martian Manhunter (2018-) #8
  Fantastic Four: 4 Yancy Street (2019) #1
  The Goon (2019-) #4
  Black Science #42
How do you solve the case of your own death? Doctor Mirage #1!
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  Graphic Novels & Collections  
  Batman: Kings of Fear (2018-2019)
  Sandman Vol. 11: Endless Nights – 30th Anniversary Edition
  The Avant-Guards Vol. 1
  Heathen Vol. 2
Indie New Releases featuring The Projectionist See All
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  RWBY (2019-) #1
  Albert Einstein: The Poetry of Real
  Miskatonic High #2
  Seven Years in Dog-Land: 10th Anniversary Edition
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2000 ad
Comic Reviews

Review: 2000 AD – Prog 2194

August 14, 2020 Michael Nimmo 0

Dredd’s fight against the end times continue and there is a new chapter to the Sinister Dexter saga… UK and DIGITAL: 12 August £2.99 NORTH AMERICA: 12 September $24 (per pack) DIAMOND: JUN201307 COVER: JOHN BURNS Judge Dredd: End of […]

Comic Reviews

Review – Robyn Hood: Justice #2

August 13, 2020 Michael Nimmo 0

Some thoughts on Robyn Hood: Justice #2 from Zenescope Entertainment. With the newly upgraded hunter bots hot on her trail, Robyn and Golem must figure out a way to escape the hotel they have called […]

Comic Reviews

Review: Sasquatch In Love #3

August 13, 2020 Michael Nimmo 0

Part three of this love story featuring Bigfoot Sasquatch from Action Lab. After publicly revealing his existence, Holden the Sasquatch is determined to live life as a normal citizen of Cooper’s Pines. Too bad no […]

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