Review: The Dark Age #1

From Red 5 Comics, a new series with issue #1 out now. Set in a future! Available digitally here

In the near future all metal on earth suddenly turns to worthless piles of rust and dust. With no technology, no guns, no computers, humanity reverts to a violent feudal system. Each pocket of civilization is ruled by knights of wood & glass & concrete. This is the new Dark Age.

Written by – Don Handfield
Art by – Leonard Rodrigues
Colored by – Dijjo Lima

This was an interesting new series from Red 5. we get to where we are now pretty quickly. (un)Natural disaster, no metal…. The look of anguish as the iPad disintegrates is pretty funny (although it may not mean to be) I like the set up of it all, with some very interesting points as to what a world without metal would be like. There are those who remember the old times well (the good and the bad) and I like the comments about Trivial Pursuit.
The family dynamic works well, as do some of the relationships in the new world. The new ‘tribes’ are interesting, and I like the way it is all set up.
This is a very interesting series, and I look forward to reading more.

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