Enki Bilal’s Monster & More From Titan

Here are this weeks comics available from Titan Comics – available in print and digitally – including Enki Bilal’s Monster

Blade Runner 2019 #3
Hunter becomes hunted, as veteran Blade Runner Ash is shot down in neo-noir Los Angeles, 2019! The first new comic series set in the world of Blade Runner, from Michael Green (screenwriter for Blade Runner 2049) and Mike Johnson (Star Trek), and illustrated by Andres Guinaldo (Justice League DarkCaptain America).
“A perfect balance of futuristic punk and noir… Cutting dialogue intensifies mood and character-building… Blade Runner 2019 is what a great comic should be.”
– Aurealis
Bloodborne #15
The Veil, Torn Asunder (3 of 4)! Stranded in blood-slick streets, our lone wanderer must navigate the crumbling city of Yharnam, and the broken roads of his own mind. Ales Kot and Piotr Kowalski delve deeper into the world of smash hit video game Bloodborne, in this critically acclaimed horror-mystery comic!
“Very intriguing and should really attract the attention of anyone interested in something outside of the superhero genre.” – Comic Crusaders
Enki Bilal’s Monster
In 2026, humanity is spurred onward to destruction by radical fundementalists. Nike, Amir, and Leyla, three remarkable Yugoslav orphans, join hands to survive a world that seems determined to wipe out thought, science, culture and memory. This haunting, prescient masterpiece is beautifully painted by award-winning creator Enki Bilal, famed artist for Heavy Metal MagazineThe Nikopol Trilogy, and Exterminator 17.
“He [Bilal] entertains while meditating, through his characters, on art, war, religion, relationships, and shared memories and consciousness. A sure bet for science fiction fans, Monster is not to be missed.”
– Foreword Reviews
The Secret Life of Pets (Hardcover gift book)
Did you ever wonder what your pets get up to when you’re not at home? Find out in this collection of hilarious new animal comics based on The Secret Life of Pets, the award-winning Universal Studios animated comedy! A giftbook-size hardcover volume, packed with funny animal strips perfect for pet-lovers.
“With art that sings and pets with personality, The Secret Life of Pets is a great addition to Titan’s kids’ comics.”
– But Why Tho?
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