Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales & Grimm Tales of Terror Presents Bridgewater Triangle

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Grimm Fairy Tales #31 & Grimm Tales of Terror Presents Bridgewater Triangle #1

Grimm Fairy Tales #31

Skye’s trip to the realm of Oz has been anything but welcoming. Now, in the grasp of the deadly Skarab queen, all hope looks to be lost. Does the guardian of the realms have enough fight left in her to turn the tide of her dire situation, or will her search for the artifacts of Camelot be cut short along with her life?

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Eman Casallos

I really enjoyed this issue. There was some good humour here (Long-Legs) and the action was well done. I like the way this built up and the planning by Skye was pretty good. She seems to be settling into her role really well. This quest is also giving us a good tour around the realms, with Oz being this issue and I’m sure there are more to come. The finish was interesting, as was the new character – I wonder what his family name is….

Grimm Tales of Terror Presents Bridgewater Triangle #1

Massachusetts locals know that the Bridgewater Triangle is the site of many paranormal occurrences. It is said to be filled with giant snakes, sightings of UFOs, evil vengeful creatures, and even ghostly hauntings. As six college freshmen are soon to find out, some of the legends contained within the borders are anything but…and making it out of the triangle proves to be more difficult than finding your way in.

Writer: Brian Studler
Artwork: Igor Vitorino

Well, a few pages in and I think they’re all going to die….
This had a good build up – after being teased in the recent special. I like how we get a good run down of the area and what there is. We know what to expect now. The attack in this issue was really well done – I like the set up of it all and the mistakes the kids make. This is the first part of a three issue mini series, so I think we can expect more! Looking forward to it!

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