Reviews: The Watcher & Belle: Oath Of Thorns

Some thoughts on two of this weeks comics from Zenescope Entertainment – The Watcher #2 and Belle: Oath of Thorns #2

The Watcher #2

In the aftermath of two brutal murders, the small New England town attempts to come to grips with the idea that a killer may live among them. Meanwhile, Erica’s disturbing night terrors begin to worsen and her best friend, Tamra, continues to insist that Erica’s house is haunted. Erica confides in Tamra and Chris that she suspects her creepy neighbor could be behind Stacy’s murder. This prompts Erica and Tamra to break in, only to make a terrifying discovery.

Writer: Ralph Tedesco 
Artwork: Julius Abrera

The second part of this mini series gives us some family history. There is quite a lot going on in this issue – with not only the funeral of their friends, the gang do some investigating. This includes some ‘normal’ investigating, as well as something more unusual. We are still to get some answers here, but the parts are all fitting together, with the monsters under the bed, as well as the school and the small-town mentality. This issue was a good build on the first issue. I like the art, and the colouring works really well!

Belle: Oath Of Thorns #2

After the shocking events of last issue, Belle’s life is thrown back into the fire. Now, left with more questions than ever and with no time to get to bottom of these new mysteries, she must head to a place that could hold the key to all of her troubles, but what she finds there may be something that has been waiting for her all this time.

Writer: Dave Franchini 
Artwork: Martin Coccolo

Candlestick has woken up, but things don’t seem to be right! I think that Belle – along with us – is getting a bad vibe from the set up.
In the meantime though, Belle has a new mission. She’s got a new suit and some new tech – it’s pretty interesting and has her set up nicely. With all that tech though, there are some surprises – especially right at the end of the issue.
I quite liked the story, but I hope they speed up the issues with Candlestick and Ottis – there is something deeper here, and stretching it out may not be a good thing.

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