Spotlight Preview: Balancing Act

Coming soon on Kickstarter is Balancing Act #1 from writer Yavi Mohan and artist Lee Milewski. There will be print and digital options available.

Without giving too much away, Balancing Act is the story of two former high school classmates who find themselves reluctantly reunited in dramatic circumstances. This issue sees them witness a crime that will change both of their lives, and give them no choice but to strike an uneasy partnership. And of course, somewhere along the way, they will obtain superpowers of a very unique nature.

The team have identified who they may think will be interested in this comic:

  • Buddy comedy films like Beverly Hills Cop; Trading Places; Planes, Trains & Automobiles; Rush Hour
  • British sitcoms like Peep Show; The IT Crowd; Bad Education
  • Humour-driven superhero comics like Superior Foes of Spider-Man;  She-Hulk; Justice League International; Quantum & Woody

Stay tuned, and when the Kickstarter goes live, I will share it!

The Team

Writer Yavi Mohan is a Londoner who has written sketch comedy for the stage and has been reading comics obsessively for well over a decade. Moving into the world of comic book writing was an inevitable, long-awaited step and he hopes that Balancing Act will one day be the first line of the ‘Yavi Mohan bibliography’ page on Wikipedia.

Artist Lee Milewski is a Kickstarter veteran with more than 10 successful projects to his name. In addition to providing beautiful, atmospheric art for a number of titles, Lee has also written several of his projects himself. You can grab three of his original graphic novels right here as part of the Digital Lee Milewski Bundle!

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