Review – Grimm Tales of Terror Presents: The Bridgewater Triangle #2

Some thoughts on Grimm Tales of Terror Presents: The Bridgewater Triangle out now in print and digitally from Zenescope Entertainment

Grimm Tales of Terror Presents: The Bridgewater Triangle #2

Deep within the Bridgewater Triangle lies what’s left of the Taunton State Hospital. Originally known as the State Lunatic Hospital, opening in 1851 as a psychiatric health facility, it has housed serial killers Anthony Santo, Jane Toppan, and Lizzie Bordon. Though long since abandoned, the horrors within the remaining walls lie in wait for unsuspecting travelers to discover the true terror hidden inside the darkest of crevices.  

Writer: Brian Studler
Artwork: Deivis Goetten

This felt like a longer read than others. That’s not to say that it wasn’t gripping, because it was and there are a few twists and turns before the end.
We kick off we the telling of a myth (or history) and then that wraps into the story within the whole arc. It’s well done and pretty tense too, with me reading until the very end.
The art is satisfying and creepy in all the right places, especially some of the things hinted at in the background.
This was a nice ‘middle issue’ of the mini series, with more to come in the grand finale – a good read!

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