Review – Grimm Tales of Terror Presents: The Bridgewater Triangle #3

Some thoughts on the final issue of this Grimm Tales Of Terror mini-series!

Grimm Tales of Terror Presents: The Bridgewater Triangle #3

The last of our campers are driven ever deeper into the Hockomock Swamp – pursued by the strange and terrifying creatures that have haunted the region for centuries. The face of the ancient evil that dwells at the very heart of the Bridgewater Triangle is finally revealed!

Writer: Brian Studler
Artwork: Deivis Goetten

A good conclusion to the story – bringing up what we’ve seen before. This issue was very fast paced adn I spun through really quickly. There were some nice callbacks, as well as some hope spots. In the end this is a Grimm Tale of Terror and it lives up to its name really well. It has monsters, ghosts and more for the story. The characters are well told and there is some grimm humour in there somewhere.
I like the ending and the way it was all told – very nice and and a good completion!

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