Review: Robyn Hood Vigilante #2

Some thoughts on the second issue of Robyn Hood Vigilante from Zenescope Entertainment.

Robyn Hood Vigilante #2

Picking up from where we last saw her, Robyn is in a battle for her freedom with a unit of robots designed specifically to take her down. It’s Robyn vs the Vigilante Hunter Squad, as she hopes her smarts and skills will be enough to help her walk away from this battle. Our archer will be put to the test against this new type of robotic foe, but will she prevail?

Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

The strike of the Vigilante Squad is well done. The upgraded robots are really showing what they are made of and seem to work well. Robyn makes some tough, but reasonable decisions too. things aren’t brilliant for Robyn, but I like the way this all played out. The action of the fight was well done, and the mystery of the Mayor and whoever is behind this looks to be getting some answers too! Next issue has a bit of a hook as Robyn is in a bad place, but the preview makes it seem very interesting!

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