Reviews: Mystere, Grimm Fairy Tales & Belle: Oath of Thorns

Some thoughts on this weeks comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Mystere #4, Grimm Fairy Tales #33 & Belle: Oath of Thorns #4

Mystere #4

Mary has discovered the true origins of the Blacksmith and is on her way to confront the person she believes is responsible for his murderous actions. But she soon learns that her investigation may have led her to the wrong person and that revelation will make Mary question her own judgment, as well as her entire purpose in New Orleans.

Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Sergio Arino

This is an issue full of answers. Mostly told in flashback, Mary makes some interesting discoveries. There are some nice twists here, and I like the way the answers all come to us. The continuation of the legend of the Blacksmith is really well told. And the build up is really well done. We get the answers as to why Mary is wanted and the connections with John. The letters all make sense too.
Next issue completes the arc and it looks like there will be a big battle, but I will be interested in seeing how it all turns out for Mary, as her sense of betrayal is strong!

Grimm Fairy Tales #33

Neverland is at war! As Skye tries to help Belle gather forces to fight back the invasion from Wonderland, the long forgotten tribes of Neverland are called to arms to help defend the realm they call home. Will they be enough to stop the carnage coming their way or will the realm of madness’ secret weapon be too much for them all to handle?

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Cleber Lima

We learn some more about Neverland and the tribes in this issue. As Belle and Skye try to gather some forces against the shadow that is invading. It kind of reminded me of the Flash Gordon film (although that may be the outfits!)

The story is well told, with a slight twist I didn’t see coming – well two actually, and the big one was interesting, and I wonder how that will stand in the bigger story?

Belle: Oath Of Thorns #3

A secret long withheld from Belle is revealed! How will she handle this new information? Also, what is happening back at the CHIP headquarters that is bad news for Mel and company? Find out in this can’t-miss next issue!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Derlis Santacruz & Igor Vitorino

History and flashbacks. We find out some more of how Belle’s mother ‘died’ and became what we saw in the previous arc. Stick awakens as well and he gives us some insight into his sister. It’s all a little vague (well we do have two more issues) Belle has her own problems and looks to be paying for her mothers sins!

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